Import Timeline

Departed NJ, USA: Tuesday 28th October 2014, Vessel: YM VANCOUVER (Live Vessel Tracking)
Departed Rotterdam, NL: Sunday 16th November 2014, Vessel: THALASSA PATRIS (Live Vessel Tracking)
Bill of Lading: Received
Arrived in Felixstowe, United Kingdom 16:15pm 16th November 2014
Journey Map – Last known location: ******, United Kingdom.


Sale agreed via e-mail: Self 25 September 2014 Completed
GBP sent to CurrencyFair: Self 28 September 2014 Completed
GBP coverted to USD and transferred to Citibank, London: Self 29 September 2014 Completed
USD transferred to (Dealers Bank) Fifth Third Bank, Michigan: Self 29 September 2014 Completed
Dealer confirms funds have arrived in full: Dealer 29 September 2014 Completed
Shipping deposit sent to Agent: Self 01 October 2014 Completed
Dealer provides height dimensions; and tail-light specs sent to Agent: Dealer 02 October 2014 Completed
Dealer scans copy of the Title document and email: Dealer 03 October 2014 Completed
US port booking reference number provided from Agent (3 working days): Agent 06 October 2014 Completed
Collection time slot arranged agreed between Dealer and Agent: Agent 06 October 2014 Completed
Original title and shipping letter to be sent from Dealer to Agent, tracking required: Dealer 06 October 2014 Title sent to agent
Original title confirmed by Agent (next working day): Agent 07 October 2014 Completed
Front seats covered with temporary plastic service-type seat covers: Dealer 07 October 2014 Completed
Car is collected from Dealer in Nashville, Tennessee: Ground Force 07 October 2014 Collected at 5pm
Transport from Tennessee to New Jersey warehouse (arrival 10 October 2014): Ground Force 10 October 2014 Delivered to Elizabeth, New Jersey
Agent warehouse receipt confirmation, photographic condition sent (13 October 2014): Agent 13 October 2014 Photos uploaded, ready for shipping
Agent pre-loads and then loads the container (15 October 2014): Agent 15 October 2014 Completed
Notification of shipping vessel, voyage and bill of lading received from ocean carrier (15 October 2014): Evergreen 15 October 2014 Completed
YM VANCOUVER cargo ship departs from Le Harve, France to New York, USA (Voyage 073W): Evergreen 19 October 2014 Completed
Dealer ships the box of loose items: Dealer 27 October 2014 Delivered
Voyage 073W sailing time YM VANCOUVER (8 days): Evergreen 27 October 2014 Ship arrived in Elizabeth Channel, New Jersey.
Docked: 27 October 2014, 06:35am
Transport from warehouse to port, U.S. customs clearance and vessel loading (1 day): Agent 15 to 27 October 2014 Pre-loading complete. U.S. Customs Cleared. Transported to port.
Container loaded onto YM VANCOUVER and cargo ship departs Elizabeth Channel (Voyage 073E): Evergreen 28 October 2014 (06:46am EDT) Loaded and Departed Elizabeth 06:46am EDT 28 October 2014
Voyage 073E sailing time YM VANCOUVER from USA to Rotterdam, Netherlands (16 days): Evergreen 13 November 2014 Departed Elizabeth New Jersey: 28 October 06:46am EDT
Arrived Norfolk Virginia: 29 October 06:06am EDT
Departed Norfolk Virginia: 29 October 20:06pm EDT
Arrived Charleston South Carolina: 31 October 04:16pm EDT
Departed Charleston South Carolina: 31 October 22:19pm EDT
Arrived Antwerp, Belgium: 10 November 05:06am GMT
Departed Antwerp, Belgium: 10 November 17:12pm GMT
Arrived Bremerhaven, Germany: 11 November 19:16pm GMT
Departed Bremerhaven, Germany: 12 November 13:11pm GMT
Arrived Rotterdam, Netherlands: 13 November 08:41am GMT
Container FCIU9980781 removed from YM VANCOUVER: 13 November
Unload and reload, trans-shipping from Rotterdam, Netherlands to Felixstowe, UK (3 days) (Voyage: THALASSA PATRIS 0796-005E) Evergreen 16 November 2014 Thalassa Patris arrives in Rotterdam, Netherlands: 15 November 00:56am GMT
Container FCIU9980781 loaded onto THALASSA PATRIS: 15 November 2014
Thalassa Patris departs Rotterdam, Netherlands: 16 November 05:16am GMT
Thalassa Patris arrives Felixstowe, UK: 16 November 16:15pm GMT
C384 Form for HMRC – Application for release on payment of Customs Duty and VAT: Self 14 November 2014 Sent to SMC
Send V778 certificate to SMC: Self 17 November 2014 Sent to SMC
Discharged (FCL) from THALASSA PATRIS 0796-005W at FELIXSTOWE, SUFFOLK (GB): Evergreen 18 November 2014 Completed
Delivery from UK port to Agent/Customs Bonded Warehouse: Agent 21 November 2014 Completed
Notification for payment and payment of Customs Duty and VAT: HMRC / Self 21 November 2014 VAT and Customs Duty Paid
Cleared through HMRC once payment made (approx 12 working hours)
HMRC Car Team (Post Clearance), Tel: 03000579069
HMRC 24 November 2014 UK Customs Cleared 08:42am 24 November 2014
Collection Approval and Agent Pre-Collection Paperwork: Agent 27 November 2014 Presumed Completed
Transport from Felixstowe to SMC warehouse (same day): Agent 28 November 2014 Loaded at Felixstowe 10:45am
Unloaded at Milton Keynes 17:00pm
Visit SMC warehouse (Milton Keynes) to inspect: Self 28 November 2014 Inspection completed
Modifications and IVA testing (up to 4 weeks, should be less): Agent/VOSA 5 December 2014 IVA Modifications and IVA Test PASS:
Wheel change, tyres can not be wider than body
Temporary head light change, headlights not e-marked
Deactivate and reactivate DRLs
Addition of wing mirror Turn Signals, amber LED’s
Rear light cluster split, add LED amber turn signals
Rear right reverse light changed to a rear fog light
Passed IVA test on 05 December 2014
Get UK specialist car insurance ready for DVLA: Adrian Flux 5 December 2014 1 year insurance paid – Using only VIN number
Send insurance certificate to SMC for DVLA registration: PF 6 December 2014 Sent
Send agreed mileage and proof of no claims bonus: PF 9 December 2014 Sent to Adrian Flux
DLVA vehicle registration (incl. V778) sent to DVLA: DVLA 8 December 2014 Sent and Received
Collection from Agent (using Trade Plates): PF 18 December 2014 Collected from Agent
DLVA registration (including V778 transfer) completed (15 days): DVLA 23 December 2014 Completed!