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Elite Engineering Catch Can Installation (for LS3 engine)

I finally got round to installing my Elite Engineering Catch Can at the weekend. Tools required were, wrench socket set, Allen key set, wire cutters, sharp scissors, hack saw, Teflon PTFE tape, vice grips, spanner set, cigarette lighter.

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After removing the stock tube from the PCV system to the Intake Manifold it was easy to identify where the catch can tubes fit onto the engine. The catch can bracket gets secured by taking out the screw into the stock pulley system and then screwing it back in with the new bracket in between.

The trickiest part was getting the top and side can elbows to point in the correct direction for the nylon hoses with AN connectors to attach correctly. Using vice grips and Teflon tape on the elbows helped to get a tight fitting in the correct direction. I had to screw the top elbow so tight, I thought it was going to wreck the can.

After fitting the catch can I was getting a vacuum leak which started to cause a hissing noise, I eventually overcame the hissing issue by cutting the hoses shorter. The nylons hoses were difficult to cut but I used a saw, wire cutters, and a sharp pair of scissors to get a flat edge on the hoses. the cigarette light was used to burn the nylon edges to stop it from fraying. Covered the edges with a bit of black electrical tape for the clamps to sit on top of.

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After 50 miles over the weekend I’ve already collected a small amount of oil vapor in the catch can so it’s working really well and protecting the car from oil gunk.

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