2013 Camaro 2SS RS 1LE just arrived in the UK

Hi all,

Just though I’d post saying that my 1LE has arrived from Tennessee and is now tucked away dreaming of those long straight salt free American roads! :-)

I’m still waiting for the DVLA registration to come through (waited two weeks so far) so it should all be properly sorted in the next few days.

Overall my experience of the buying and importing process was mostly a straight forward one; the only problems I had were related to the 1LE Package and the Ground Effects Kit.

The kit making the car lower to the ground made it harder to load on and off transporters at every step of the way (causing slight damage to front splitter and creating further delays) and then the IVA initially failed due to the 1LE wheels sticking out further than the width of the car. However, in the end I got to keep the wheels but that’s a story I’ll save for offline discussion :-)

I took the car out on Friday night and all day Saturday during some pretty heavy traffic and I couldn’t believe how much of a head turner it was. People beeping at me, waving, thumbs up, jaw droppers and boy racer in a pimped out corsa slowed down to force me to overtake. Sometimes I just want to hide (or wave back).

Looking forward to the summer days.

Here’s a few pictures…