2013 Camaro 2SS RS 1LE finally found in Tennessee!

So I’ve been searching 2SS 1LE with low millage to import… and I think I’ve found the one with the extras such as RS package.

Here’s some photos of it, I’m looking for some  advice before I go ahead with the purchase so please let me know what you think and if there’s anything that appears unusual about the car in general. Sorry the photos aren’t great quality but it’s all I’ve got at this moment.


How UK residents can hire a 2SS V8 Coupe in the USA

Dear all,

For anyone wishing to rent a new 2015 model Camaro 2SS V8 whilst in the USA I thought this information might be useful for you to do the same as me.

My trip to Florida with Thomson Airways meant that I would arrive at Sanford International Airport which is about 40 minutes drive to International Drive, Orlando. I previously used Budget Rent A Car when I visited Texas in 2013 and I can say that I also had a painless experience with them this time round.

The most frustrating thing when it comes to any car hire company in the USA; is that you can not normally choose the exact manufacturer or model of car until you arrive at the destination and it all depends what car is available on that day. Last year, I simply got lucky when I landed in DFW, Texas as they had a Camaro 1SS V8 Coupe but that was a complete fluke. This time round I wanted to guarantee that I had the Camaro when I landed in Sanford.

At time of writing this, there is no option on the Budget.com website to choose a ‘full size car’ as a UK resident. So what I had to do was use a UK company called Affordable Car Hire and pre-pay to hire a ‘full size car’ specifically requesting that Budget at Sanford airport supply the car to me.

The pre-paid ‘full size car’ voucher only qualifies you for a car similar to a Dodge Charger, Chevy Impala, Ford Fusion or Nissan Altima and the cost for this was £290 GBP for two weeks hire.

Once affordable car hire have sent you the pre-paid voucher with the “GB***” code, give the Sanford Budget office a call directly on 001-407-585-4427 and ask to speak to Maygen. She was very understanding of my situation and tried her absolute hardest to ensure that a V8 Camaro Coupe was available on the day of my arrival. When I arrived she was able to give me the choice between two V8’s and allowed me to inspect both Camaro’s first. Both were nearly new and only had 2000 miles on the clock.

In order to upgrade from the ‘full size car’ to the 2015 V8 2SS Camaro Coupe you’ll need to pay an additional $40 per day for hire but this also includes the full insurance with all of the extras. The one I hired even had the Siruis XM and On-Star subscription which gives you that special Knight Rider experience whilst you’re stranded on the interstate!

All of the Camaro’s I’ve seen at Budget have been automatic, all have the remote start kit, heads-up display, but they don’t usually have the RS package and don’t come with the in-built Sat Nav; so be sure to take your own Sat Nav and load the US maps before you go. Toll roads are also included with the hire or maybe I just haven’t been charged yet. Don’t pre-pay your fuel on arrival, just fill it up with gas before you hand it back.

At just over 50p per litre of gas, be sure to drive up to Daytona Beach and pay $5 to drive it down the beach, it was such a head turner, even over there! I made the mistake of stopping in dry sand to take pictures of the car near the sea, all the weight is on the front of the car and with only sand underneath all 426 horses.. it’s excellent at digging holes until the chassis hits the floor! Just get some of the locals to push you out again, you’ll be fine :-)

The only problem is when you get back, you will end up wanting to import one even more than you did before. Keep smiling and saving the pennies!